ATTENTION GRAND PIANO MOVERS.......I've been moving pianos for many years and as I'm getting older, my emphasis is on working smarter, not harder!  So I'm announcing a new and innovative tool that I have created for piano movers or anyone needing to move their grand piano. My wife has named it the "KYPSTICK©." lol. The "KYP" stands for Ky Piano Service(my piano tuning and moving business) and KYPSTICK© rhymes with DIPSTICK.....kinda cool, huh??? For those who don't know, in order to properly move a grand piano, one must first take off the left front leg and tip the piano onto its long side. For pianos with a structurally sound pedal lyre, this can be made much easier by leaving the lyre installed and using it, along with the back leg as a fulcrum for tipping. One person can actually accomplish this rather easily. The problem with this method is that there is excess stress applied to the pedal lyre in a sideways manner. This tool, the KYPSTICK©, relieves that stress from the pedal lyre and transfers it to the right leg where it is easily handled. It is fully adjustable and should work on all brands of modern day grand pianos. Please see the photos....the cost of the tool is $125 and I can send it anywhere in the continental US for $25 S&H. If you'd prefer to order through Ebay....here is the link....https://www.ebay.com/itm/303024375757

Have a great day!!